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Australia's next top assistance dog

PawClub is pleased to introduce Paws, Australia’s next top assistance dog! It’s been a long journey, but we finally have our black Labrador puppy. With the help of our members we have managed to raise $25,000, exactly the amount needed to rear and train him and have had hundreds of great name suggestions for him. Now Paws is ready to undergo hard work and training to become Australia’s next top Assistance dog and make a difference in the life of his owner.

Here you’ll be able to proudly follow Paw’s progression over the next 2 years as he trains towards graduating as a fully-fledged Assistance Dog. With videos from the trainer and monthly updates, you’ll be able to track and watch Paws as he develops and grows. After all he is your PawClub puppy too!

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Paws is top of his class! An update from PawClub's sponsored assistance dog

Do you remember Paws?

Back in 2010, PawClub members generously help raise over $25,000 to sponsor and raise Paws the black Labrador puppy to become a fully-fledged assistance dog. Now, Paws is giving back to those in need. Paws has a new full-time role as Facility Dog at a Primary School in Greystanes in western Sydney.

Paws attends the Year 5 and 6 special-needs classes every day. “He is doing so well,” says Paws’ trainer, Katie. “He looks fantastic and is perfect in his role. The classroom is much calmer and settled when he is around.”  Paws even helps out with tasks like collecting students’ homework and picking up dropped items. The kids are also learning to be responsible pet owners by looking after him each day, feeding him, taking him to the toilet, and of course, giving him lots of pats.

Keep up the great work, Paws! All of us at PawClub are exceptionally proud of you!

Paws on YouTube

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Photos by Christine Bernasconi