Vet check

Medicating your dog

Nobody likes seeing their pet sick and uncomfortable. While some owners find it difficult to physically give their pets tablets and gently persuade them to swallow, there’s also the matter of not being there to give the tablets on time when the dose is due.

From time to time your vet may prescribe a course of antibiotics to treat a variety of common pet ailments such as skin infections. Crucial to treatment success is ensuring your pet receives the correct dose at the correct time. Failure to do so can place your pet at risk of the infection returning.

An innovative antibiotic is now available that eliminates the need for daily dosage of your pet’s medication. This antibiotic is a simple injection that can be administered by your veterinarian and is the equivalent to a two-week course of oral antibiotics.

A convenient single injection is a great alternative for busy pet owners who may find it hard to be home to administer medication to their pets at the scheduled times or at regular intervals specified by the vet. It is also a good alternative for those pets that are difficult to dose. This option may or may not be appropriate for your pet’s infection, remember to discuss with your vet whether a long acting injectable alternative is suitable for your pet’s condition.