Lady with dog

Treating arthritis

Is your dog slowing down, reluctant to walk or having difficulty with regular movements like climbing stairs or jumping? Your pet may be suffering from the painful effects of arthritis. These symptoms can often be aggravated by colder weather conditions.

Just like in humans, arthritis can frequently affect dogs too. Arthritis is a degenerative disease of one or more joints that can cause chronic pain and decreased mobility in your pet, reducing their quality of life.

Lifestyle changes such as moderate exercise, a balanced diet, healthy weight, along with a warm, cosy environment for rest during colder months can help make your pet more comfortable.

In addition, a range of treatments are available to relieve the pain and symptoms of inflammation caused by arthritis. They come in a variety of formulations from tasty chews to tablets for your pet. Speak to your vet about an effective treatment option, which will help alleviate the pain associated with this debilitating disease.