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Below are YouTube videos on commonly asked topics from pet owners. Click on the videos to view and learn ways to help keep your dog happy and healthy. You can also explore the PawClub website to find information on these topics (and much more!)

  1. New puppies

    New puppies
  2. Heartworm

  3. Fleas

  4. Foods to be avoided

    Foods to be avoided
  5. Training

  6. Problem behaviour

    Problem behaviour
  7. Travelling with pets

    Travelling with pets
  8. Choosing a puppy

    Choosing a puppy
  9. Vet check ups

    Vet check ups
  10. Keeping your dog healthy

    Keeping your dog healthy
  11. Osteoarthritis

  12. Is my dog sick?

    Is my dog sick?
  13. Heartworm Surveillance

    Heartworm Surveillance


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