Puppies are often destructive simply because exploring their environment with their mouth is a normal stage in their development. They do usually grow out of it, especially if they're given enough objects that they are allowed and encouraged to chew.

A more serious and complex concern is if your dog is destroying its owner's possessions around the home, or parts of the home itself, like doors, gates or sofas. Happily and for both your sakes, the problem is treatable, with treatment being determined by the root cause of the chewing. Sometimes, it boils down to separation anxiety when an owner has to leave their dog home alone. Your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviourist will be happy to talk it through and discuss the behavioural and medicinal options available to help.

Why are dogs destructive?

Dogs being destructive – especially outside – can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive. But understand the cause, and you're part way to solving the problem. Destructive behaviour can be triggered by boredom, separation anxiety, distress, the instinct to hunt, the compulsion to bury, or simply the need to play.

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