Some dogs just dig digging. Here's how to reclaim your garden

To prevent the habitual destruction of your lawns and flower beds, you first need to understand why your dog loves digging. For some, it's an active temperament that just keeps them wanting more and more stimulation. For others, it's triggered by separation anxiety. But some dogs are simply bored, and frankly, digging is fun!

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. Most dogs should be walked twice daily, and if possible, some of this should be off-leash to allow for lots of sniffing and socialising as well as physical exercise. Try changing up your feeding routine by introducing food release devices or even scattering food across the backyard so your dog has to work for it.

Rotate toys daily to provide novelty. Create an area where your dog is allowed to dig, and hide treats in it to encourage them to use it. Give him bones to bury - several at once, so they get it out of their system! We've heard of some owners who have buried water-balloons in doggy-dug holes, so their dog gets a bit of a surprise when they dig there again. With some hilarious results!

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