Troublesome teenagers

Adolescence in puppies can start from about 10 weeks of age and lasts for several months. Like rebellious teens, they can be a hyperactive, inattentive, hormonal handful – and like their human counterparts, they need careful handling.

More adventurous, energetic and rebellious, testing both physical and relationship boundaries. Reaching sexual maturity, male dogs may increase marking to claim their territory, and try to take off in search of females. Similarly, females may mark to advertise their availability to the local males. Both sexes can become aggressive with other dogs of the same sex and even try and assert dominance over their owner.

Burn off that energy with loads of exercise and keep your property secure so they can’t run away. Spend lots of time with them, give calm and firm commands, but keep training sessions short and fun to cater for a very short attention span. Puppy-proof the house against the chewing machine, and be calm but consistent about house rules. Still a handful? Perhaps enrol in another obedience class!

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