A soft, strokable coat

Brushing is an easy, enjoyable and very bonding experience. It also keeps your dog's coat in great condition and will help get your dog used to being handled all over - very useful later, any time you need to clean or medicate specific areas.

Start with the right brush. For a short coat, all you'll need is a soft-bristled brush or grooming mitt. Longer hair will need longer, stiffer bristles or teeth to get through the hair. Start brushing puppies as early as possible, beginning with their back, gradually building up to longer sessions and moving to more sensitive areas as they get used to it.

Be careful not to damage your puppy’s skin with sharp bristles and forceful brushing. As you brush, handle your puppy’s ears, touch around the eyes, toes, and gently open the mouth to check teeth and gums.

Some dogs need an occasional clip to help keep their coat in tip-top, unmatted condition. When the time arrives, choose a clipper that works best for your dog and be sure the blade is sharp, as blunt clippers pull hair. As with brushing, start very gently and praise and reassure your dog as you go. At the end, give them a well-deserved treat! If clipping isn't something you want to tackle yourself, then a trip to the grooming salon might be the answer!

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