Travel Sickness

Car sickness or motion sickness can be a real problem for dogs as well as distressing for owners. When dogs travel, their balance can be affected by vehicle movements, which may cause vomiting, nausea and anxiousness.

If you notice your dog is hypersalivating (excessive drooling), restless, anxious, trembling or vomiting during travel, chances are they are suffering from motion sickness. With a single dose, treatment is now available for your dog. The mess and inconvenience of motion sickness during travel no longer needs to be a reason to leave your special family member behind on exciting outings.

1 in 4 dogs suffer from motion sickness. Along with medication, there are simple steps you can take to minimise car sickness in your pet:

  • avoid feeding your dog less than an hour prior to travelling.
  • allowing fresh air into the car and remove strong odours like cigarette smoke.
  • take regular breaks from driving and giving your dog a chance to stretch the legs and have a drink of water.

A simple once daily dose is now available for you to take care of your dog during travel, it’s also non sedating so you and your dog can enjoy travelling together. Contact your vet clinic today for more information on this treatment option or visit