Urinary Tract Infection

Dogs can have problems in their lower urinary system. One of those is urinary tract infection.

When too many bacteria get into a dog’s urinary tract it can lead to infection. This happens more often in females than males - they have a shorter urethra, so bacteria can accumulate there faster.

In the early stages, UTIs are often not harmful. A lot of dogs have them for a long time without showing any symptoms. Sometimes the infection can go away without any medical treatment.

However, if left for too long, it can cause a more severe infection and move to other organs, making your dog very ill.

It's best to have your vet check any signs of a urinary tract infection in case your dog does need treatment.

If your dog is diagnosed with a UTI, the treatment will vary depending on the cause. If bacteria are involved, antibiotics may be required. Sometimes a change in diet is recommended. If bladder stones are involved, surgery may be required.